Elevate Your Cat's World with 7 Ruby Road's Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves

Elevate Your Cat's World with 7 Ruby Road's Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves

Welcome to the world of feline luxury where your cat reigns supreme. At 7 Ruby Road, we understand that every cat deserves to feel like royalty. That's why we've created the perfect perch for your regal companion – our Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves.

The Perfect Perch

Imagine your royal highness gracefully hopping from stair to stair, basking in the joy of indoor adventure and new stimuli. With 7 Ruby Road's Cat Shelves, this fantasy becomes a reality. Our cat shelves are designed to provide your feline friend with the ultimate in indoor fun and comfort. Each order includes two steps, offering your cat a perfect perch to survey their kingdom.

Clever Cat Wall Furniture

But we don't stop at perches. Elevate your cat's experience by mixing and matching with our ALTO Cat Wall Hammock Set or adding a 7 Ruby Road Wall Scratching Post. You can even expand your cat's domain with additional SALTO Cat Wall Steps, creating the ultimate space-saving cat kingdom.

Trusted By Cat Lovers Around The Globe

Don't just take our word for it – cat lovers worldwide are raving about our cat shelves. They say, "The 7 Ruby Road cat shelf looks great and is a game-changer. Simon loves these cat walkways for walls and has finally found his perfect perch."

Unbelievably Safe & Playful

Safety is our priority. Our cat wall steps are 14" x 3" and crafted from high-grip materials and thick woven jute rope to ensure your cat's security. Our shelves are suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes.

Installs In Minutes

Worried about installation? Don't be. Installing your new cat steps is a breeze. Simply drill small holes in wall studs or concrete (not suitable for drywall installation), and you're good to go. Check out our cat wall stairs video for step-by-step instructions.

Feline Fitness Matters

Cats have a natural instinct to climb to high places, and our cat shelves provide the perfect outlet for this instinct. Your cat's health and happiness are our top priorities, and we're here to pamper them with the royal treatment they deserve.

Good For Your Cat & The Planet

At 7 Ruby Road, we care for your kitty and Mother Earth. Our cat wall perch is crafted with sustainable materials, from assembly to packaging, ensuring that our products leave a minimal footprint on our planet.

Unlock More From 7 Ruby Road

Visit the 7 Ruby Road storefront to discover more of our playful cat wall furniture. Rest assured, every cat climbing shelf is inspected before shipping to guarantee your feline friend's satisfaction.

Who Is Ruby The Cat?

Ruby is the beloved heiress of 7 Ruby Road and has quite the personality. She knows only the best in style and function and offers her royal approval on every 7 Ruby Road product.

Risk-Free Purchase

Your cat stair purchase is risk-free. Access assembly instructions in our product video or directly in your instruction manual. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your cat's satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Join the 7 Ruby Road family and give your feline friend the royal treatment they deserve. Elevate their world with our Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves today!

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