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I love the product - it's very well made. We've only had it up for a few days and my 16-18lb cats are already enjoying their new hangout. We had some user error on our part with installation, and customer service was patient, kind, and went above and beyond to help us. We will be buying more in the future to add to our wall!


Wow I am over the moon impressed with this toy, the packaging was elegant and beautifully designed, the toy itself was easy to set up and the cats are CRAZY for it!! It feels super sturdy and like we won’t need to replace it for a good long while. We foster kittens and don’t usually buy toys like this but this one was a really amazing purchase, and I can’t wait to get more from the brand!


The average cat scratching post is a hideous blend of string and beige carpet that sucks the soul from any room in which it is placed. Not this one. This scratching post is sleek, well made and unassuming, blending easily into any room. It arrived well packaged and was easy to install with the hardware provided. Furthermore, it is robustly constructed and stands up to constant use by my cat.

D James

I was hesitant to spend this much money on a cat product, but boy am I glad I did. This was an incredible purchase that my cats use all the time. It’s sturdy, incredibly well-made, and minimalistic. My cats use the sisal poles for scratching, and the hammock for naps and living room surveillance. I would 100% buy from them again.



Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm.Average answer time: 8hrs


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