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With our Wall-Mounted Hammock, your cat will enjoy cat naps like never before! The elevated design ensures they feel safe and protected, allowing them to rest and sleep more peacefully. And because the hammock is padded, it gently cradles their legs and joints for unmatched comfort.


  • A cozy, comfortable sanctuary and an area to encourage movement
  • Solid construction
  • Roomy enough for larger cats
  • Fits all cat sizes & life stages by adjusting installation height and step spacing
  • Hand washable cotton canvas hammock cushion and padded for extra comfort
  • Replacement hammock cushions available to purchase separately

 Technical Details

  • Materials:  Plywood | Jute Rope | Cotton Canvas
  • Cat Size:  Suitable for all cats | holds larger cats or two smaller cats
  • Hammock Dimensions:  Width: 21" | Depth: 18.5"
  • Assembly & Installation:  Hardware included | 30-minute assembly & installation with video guide available
  • Cleaning:  Wipe wood with damp cloth | lint roll scratching surface | hand wash hammock cushion

*Must be installed to studs*

ELEVATED HAMMOCK FOR PETS U.S. Patent Number: U.S. D994,994 S