Cat Wall Scratcher - LISSE

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Mount on the wall at a height most comfortable for your companion or simply attach the rubber pads included and lay on the floor, either way you’ll cat will enjoy a sturdy and satisfying scratch with this space saving and versatile alternative to a traditional cat scratching post.

Perfect for kittens and adult cats of any breed, you can designate a special spot for your feline friend without sacrificing the entire room. With its simple, modern aesthetic and neutral color scheme, this cat scratcher makes a seamless addition to any style of décor.


  • Durable scratchable sisal holds up to sharp claws
  • Can be mounted vertically or used on the floor
  • Solid construction
  • No loose components
  • 4 rubber pads provide protection for hard floors and prevent sliding

 Technical Details

  • Materials:  Rubberwood frame / Woven sisal
  • Cat Size:  Suitable for all cats
  • Dimensions:  Length: 22" | Width: 5.75" | Height: 1"
  • Assembly:  No assembly
  • Installation:  Hardware included | 5-minute easy installation with video guide available
  • Cleaning:  Wipe wood with damp cloth | lint roll scratching surface

    CAT SCRATCHER: U.S. Patent Number: U.S. D900,414 S
    CAT SCRATCHER (Sisal) U.S. Patent Number: U.S. D913,607 S