Interactive Cat Toy - LETTY

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This cat toy is an easy way to encourage your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and chase and keep them entertained. Leave your cat to play alone, with their feline companions or take the opportunity to play with them to strengthen your bond together. Designed with durability in mind to withstand endless swats and scratches it’ll mentally and physically stimulate your cat and keep them away from your furniture. And thanks to a stylishly minimalist design and neutral color palette, this toy fits into any home’s décor.


  • Encourages hunter instinct & keeps your cat entertained
  • Larger sized balls stay in place
  • Top center bar prevents cat’s head from becoming stuck
  • 4 silicone pads provide protection for hard floors and prevent sliding
  • Perfect height/width ratio prevents toy from toppling over

Technical Details

  • Materials:  Plywood | Wax finish
  • Cat Size:  Suitable for all cats | perfect for multiple cats
  • Dimensions:  Height: 4.5” | Diameter: 11"
  • Assembly:  5-minute assembly with video guide available
  • Cleaning:  Wipe wood with damp cloth


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